A Club Crawl is a fun way to meet up with new friends and party the night away in Vegas. Crawlers meet at a designated location (usually the host venue provides drink specials like Buy1Get1’s or half price drinks) while mingling with other partiers. We then head out to the venues where our clients breeze past the general admission lines and forget about cover charges. We party for approximately an hour in each venue before heading to the next, not ready to leave the party? No problem, each venue we go to allows you all night access which means you can go back at any time during the night.Our Nightclub Tour follows almost the exact style as the Club Crawl, but it includes party bus transportation between longer distances with premium booze on board and an photographer to snap some excellent pics of your night out. Along with the clubs on the tour, we also cover the transportation and cover to a choice of after-hours venues.
to find out what days are available, please see each packages respective page as they are all scheduled differently
Vegas VIP Nightclub Tour
Vegas VIP Club Crawl
Vegas VIP Pool Hop
please note, that due to the nature of Las Vegas, we only have scheduling available for up to 2 month forward
A ‘hosted walk – in’ is a popular service in Las Vegas that can cost a great deal of money. It is when a host or promoter for a venue meets you outside, and for a hefty price on top of the cover charge, walks you in. This, in essence, is what the other Crawl style companies provide in Las Vegas. A single guide who hustles you in and waits to do it again at the next spot. It can be a great experience, but not what we offer. Don’t be fooled, many of these other companies are Vegas style promoters dressing up as a tour.
The simple answer is… ‘Maybe’. We do not own or control any of the bars, clubs, or nightclubs that we go to… we simply work with their management teams to put a program together that we feel will be one amazing night out. The decision to visit certain venues depends on many factors, some of which we do not control. Therefore the tour does change. Most of the time the venues inform us of necessary schedule changes months/weeks in advance. However, sometimes it can be the day before…and yes, sometimes when we arrive! But we are very well connected and our promise is to you, that regardless of last minute changes, the schedule for the night will be the absolute best possible! An unforgettable night in the entertainment capital of the world! *All Venues, Scheduled Arrival/Departure times, and Offers are subject to change.  
State law requires that you must be 21 or older to be in a venue that serves alcohol in Nevada
The longest walk we have ever had is a ten minute slow walk. Most clubs are closer together though. The crawl lasts at around 5 hours. You be the judge.
No shorts. No Caps. No Sandals. No tank tops.
Gentlemen: No running/tennis/basketball shoes; No boots of any kind; No head wear; No athletic wear; some clubs have issues with white running shoes or shell toes, but a nice pair of chucks is usually okay – but not always. We recommend a collar. Jeans are ok as long as they have no rips. When in doubt, dress it up.
Ladies: Look nice :) No flip-flops allowed but nice sandals are permitted for girls if they strap the whole foot.
Dress code is  enforced at all the venues we visit in a night.  If you are on the borderline, they will look at you as a whole (and your behavior) to make a decision. Better safe than sorry.
The Club Crawl starts at 9:15pm
The Nightclub Tour starts at 9:00pm
Pool Hop starts at 10:00am
No. Ultimately you are just out and about in Vegas on your own accord. Your ticket is for the access to the schedule of venues we have organized, and therefore time-sensitive. Keep this in mind, if you miss parts of the package you booked, you’re missing out on what you paid for. For example drink specials are usually provided at the check-in venue on the crawl. If you miss that, then you miss out on the drink specials there. We recommend that you arrive at the start time specified for that day to get the full experience.
We are at the check-in location for about 60 minutes. Don’t worry about calling us at 9:20pm to tell us you are ten minutes behind. :)
Of course you can, your ticket is access for the schedule of venues for the night. Though a lot of the fun, fun, fun stuff happens at the starting venues for the night. We are happy to work something out for you if you are late. If you want to join us at a later venue but not sure where to go, that is not a problem, just call us and let us know (702)608-6494
Club Crawl: There are complimentary shots and discounted drink prices at the check-in location and occasional drink specials at the venues, however we make no assertion that you will receive any kind of deal on drinks at any of the nightclubs*Nightclub Tour: There is a complimentary open bar on our party bus stocked with premium liquor like Grey Goose, Pyrat Rum, Patron, etc..**The clubs we visit allow us to bring in our clients without waiting in their general admission lines or paying cover charges, as such, they expect that our clients will spend the money that was saved in door cover at the bar, the average price of a drink in Las Vegas is about $10, the average cover charge is $30, if you go to 3 clubs in a night, you’d have spent $90 in just cover BEFORE buying a $10 drink.
Club Crawl: No, all the venues are within walking distance. On the odd occasion, busses or limos will be arranged and this is included
Nightclub Tour: Yes, we do provide party bus transportation with the tour package, however, there is still a pretty decent amount of walking between various venues, so you should still wear comfortable shoes.
Pool Hop: Yes, it’s hot during the day, so we roll in a party bus between locations

Yes. 95% of the time. Sometimes (if a venue has a concert or special event) it becomes harder to return and places are always subject to capacity but your wristbands are good so you can re-enter a club. Make sure you GET A STAMP to return to the club. With this stamp, you won’t have to wait in line or pay cover.

Yes and No.

You can leave the Club Crawl at your leisure. There is no roll call, you are out in Vegas on your own accord. The Crawl is a schedule of venues and access with your ticket is subject to entry with the group. Simply put, we have to skip the line together.

The Nightclub Tour is a bit trickier, since we do jump on and off the party bus, if you don’t join us on time, you will get left behind, we can’t hold up the whole group because 1 or 2 people lose track of time.

This means to receive the benefits you must, at the very least, be with us at the scheduled entry time. If you arrive 30 minutes after everyone from the crawl has already gotten in, you will have to wait in line… You may even have to pay cover. If you’re 5 minutes late, that’s not a big deal, usually, but it’s up to the door staff at the venue, not us. So we recommend stay with the group!

Read your reservation email. It’s all covered, along with all the information on this page, and more. If you made a phone or email booking you should have received a confirmation email after your purchase detailing the information above, as well as a schedule of dates/times/locations/dress code.

To reserve tickets, you must put a deposit of at least one ticket down. If you purchase your tickets online and send us an email explaining that you would like us to set aside another 5 tickets, we’re happy to do that, provided you pay for them prior to the tour.

Actually, no, we don’t print/issue physical “tickets” per se. All of our sales are done through online retailers and sales outlet, if you purchased a ticket/voucher, etc.. from any online retailers you need to reserve your spot with us online at our reservations page using your redemption code.
We aim to provide our clients the highest quality experience and pride ourselves on our exceptional team and service. We require advanced 72
hour notice to rescheduled gift certificates, daily deal vouchers, or
set reservations. If you should need cancel your reservation less than
72 hours of your scheduled tour, we not only lose your business, but
also the potential business of other clients who may have taken your
scheduled reservation time. For this reason we are obligated to
compensate our team for their time as well as make up for lost
revenue. A service fee will be charged to you for missed reservations
that are rescheduled or canceled with less than 72 hours notice. You
may reschedule your reservation for any other time we offer the Tour,
excluding black out dates and holidays.

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